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Mar 3, 2013 8:00pm EST
traveling together in the manuscript. going to resorts and staying at the st. francis hotel in san francisco, which is where fatty arbuckle and queen victoria state. a very palatial place. i realized then there was quite a large gap between what steinbeck wrote and what he actually did on his trip. who he met, where he went, who he traveled with. >> you call him a fraud? >> i did. that was sort of a slow process. in my notebook, the day i read the manuscript i wrote the thing that this is a fraud. but i did not use that word until much later. i was introduced by a friend of mine at the "post-gazette." he called it something of a fraud. i like the way that rang. in a sense it is a literary fraud. it was marketed, sold, reviewed, and topped for 50 years is a true story. or 50 years is a true story. >> how old was he? >> 58, and not in great health. he had a couple strokes. he was fine, but not a young man. >> let's take a look at that. we were at the steinbeck center back in 2002 when we did a series on writers. what was it named after? , i hope.ixote's horse i'm a nonfiction guy. >> what iron
Mar 17, 2013 8:00pm EDT
this town a couple of years ago. >> right. >> the examiner he sold. the one in san francisco, the one in baltimore, it folded. what value does this have to a community like this? >> the value to washington? >> why would he do this? can he make money here? >> i am not sure. but he can, it is another conservative voice. reaching them into are not going to be reached by the weekly standard or not by the washington post either. >> six days a week handed out at the subway. >> and other places, too. and it is a way that some publications have gone. they have gone free. they get ads. they get circulation you can make money on it. they have certainly got some great political writers. mike barone for one, byron york. >> why are you not in there? >> because i am at the weekly standard. we are different publications. i mean, there is synergy between the two of us but not a great deal. >> let's go to more video from 1996. you are appearing on this network asking a question of somebody you ended up writing about. >> okay. >> governor bush, this is fred barnes. >> yes, frederick. >> colin powell se
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)